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Before pressure cleaning and bleaching

Address Noosa Hinterland
Queensland 4563

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Phone A/H 07 5442 6556
QBCC Lic 54579
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  Cement cleaning - before  


Welcome to Under One Roof Home Services

Our services include:

  • Roof Cleaning
  • Roof Painting
  • Roof Repairs
  • Replacing rusting roof screws
  • House cleaning interior and exterior structural
  • House repairs interior and exterior structural
  • House painting interior and exterior structural
  • Interior renovations and small to medium size plaster repairs
  • Refurbishing of timber decks and shutters
  • Facia and gutter and down pipe repair and replacement
  • Leaf Protection for Gutters
  • Repairs to flyscreens and flyscreen doors
  • Small steel welding repairs
  • Licensed plumber on our team for plumbing maintenance
  • Referral to a licensed electrical contractor (quality work at a very reasonable price)
  • Cleaning and bleaching of small and large paved areas including roadways in resorts and retirement villages
  • Properties prepared for sale, offering all the services above working in conjunction with the property owner and (often) real estate agent to help maximise property appeal and sale price
  • Phone Phil for a no cost on site assessment and advice on 0414 989 377


My name is Phil Melville, I live in Noosa Shire and have serviced the Sunshine Coast and Cooloola Shire up to Gympie for the past twenty years.

I am a senior tradesman with a qualified and highly motivated staff. Our aim is to provide a quality and satisfying service to you and anyone you care to recommend to us, at a fair and realistic price. Our company motto is”DOING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME’’ – WE CARE

I am very much aware that many people have had some very disappointing experiences with trades people in the areas of reliability, communications and quality of work performed and these are concerns that myself and my staff take very seriously

Apart from my trade qualifications I have a background in the technical aspects of the painting and cleaning industry.

In 1983, after years of servicing the painting industry as a technical painting representative for a major national paint manufacturer, I started my own business to include all aspects of painting and cleaning mainly to the domestic market which include the following services:


My staff and I have developed methods to carry out these services in a very efficient and cost effective way with minimal disruption to you. “Inside and outside will sparkle”


Only premium quality materials and best practice methods used. Neat work no mess for you clean up and we take personal pride in the finish we provide. The job is not complete until the owner is satisfied. Statutory warranties provided. Colour matching services available.


1. Roof and rainwater gutter repairs, rainwater gutter cleaning (leaf and debris removal)
2. Replacement of rusty gutters
3. Full cleaning of roof surfaces- removal of dirt mold and algae (see before and after photos)
4. Full roof repainting service as detailed below:

VIDEOS - scroll down for more videos


Full procedure of a roof tile repaint


Re pointing


Deep penetrating roof tile sealer


1st and 2nd coat of acrylic membrane


Clear glaze and UV protection -
Premium optional extra UV protection coating available


Final result of roof fully repainted


Colourbond roof prior to cleaning



The cleaning process of a colourbond roof


Colourbond roof after cleaning


Bleaching paving




We will clean your roof with minimum fuss and no mess. We have manufacturers approved methods and recommended cleaning materials to give you a satisfying result at a keen price.
In the written quote we will also give a complete explanation of how the job will be performed.


Repairs to roofs can be performed and a range of options can be offered according to your budget. We repair iron roofs and re-point and repair tiled roofs replacing or repairing tiles as required


We will perform a detailed inspection of your roof and rain water gutters and provide a report on any repairs required


We offer a guaranteed premium roof refinishing service using only locally manufactured high quality acrylic roofing products. At your request we will come and inspect your roof - give you a detailed report on its condition and offer you a range of options to choose from to suit your budget. A step by step very detailed hand written quote will be provided and personally delivered with the opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish. If you wish you can inspect a range of roofs we have repainted over the past ten years (still under warranty) as this will give you a good indication how our work practices and the materials we use stand up to the harsh local climate over an extended period. Also in years to come when your roof requires a clean we will be happy to assist you at that time. A full QBCC statutory warranty included.


We offer a service to clean and bleach all concrete – pavers- stone walls and exposed aggregate.
The process we use is simple and very affective and not expensive


We can offer you a range of options to clean – repair and refinish in a selection of products according to your requirements- deck and shutter repairs or replacement can be arranged by qualified and licensed trades people.


Installation of only premium quality marine grade aluminium gutter mesh manufactured to suit your exact roof profile. It looks good - and it works wonderfully. Over the last 25 years I have seen them all, the best, the worst and the very very nasty. So don’t waste your time and money on the cheap plastic rubbish, it won’t last and it does not work effectively and it can cause debris to accumulate and thus cause rusting of roof sheeting at gutter level. Call me for a gutter inspection and quote.


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0414 989 377 working hours 7am-6pm Mon-Fri
07 5442 6556 after hours till 7pm


After pressure cleaning and bleaching

    Cement cleaning - after  

Tiled roof before and after bleaching and re pointing ridge caps.

Tiles roof before bleaching and repointing ridge caps Under 1 Roof Home Services after repointing and cleaning roof tiles

Wall and ceiling cleaning removes mould, dirt and nicotine.

Wall and ceiling cleaning

Decking finish before

Cleaning decking - before

Decking finish after

cleaning decking - after

Before and after cleaning of the exterior of a house badly affected by dirt, mould, mud wasps and cobwebs.

Exterior of house badly affected by mould dirt and mud wasps Exterior of house after cleaning - Under1Roof Home Services

Decking finish before

Decking painting - before

Decking finish after

Decking painting - after

Old weathered corrugated iron roof prior to painting

Under 1 Roof Home Services - Old weathered colourbond roof prior to painting

Corrugated iron roof after painting and glazing

Under 1 Roof Home Services - Corrugated iron roof after painting and glazing

Roof before cleaning and painting

Roof before

Roof after cleaning and painting

Roof after

rusty roof screws requiring replacement to avoid rusting through resulting in costly replacement of roof sheeting

Rusty screw Rusty screw will eventually rust right through the roof sheeting

Aged colourbond roof before repainting

Aged colourbond roof before painting

After painting and glazing

Under 1 roof Home Services - Roof after painting and glazing

Ridge cap needs resealing to prevent leaks

Ridger cap in need of resealing and replacement

Roof before cleaning

Down pipes before

roof after cleaning

Down pipes after


Gallery coming soon....


It is my intention to offer you a quality service at a competitive price; however I will not compromise on materials or procedure just to offer you a cheap quote just to win the job, which does no favours for you or me in the long term. My policy is to charge a realistic price that enables me to perform a quality job and back it up in the future.

Since 1983 I have been operating this successful and growing business and derive much satisfaction from a job well done and with our company motto in mind, "DOING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME- WE CARE", we strive for excellence.

We use only premium grade materials- no cheap trade lines, I do not mark up materials, as is common practice in the trade, I supply at my cost price (documentation available to verify if required). I offer senior discounts for over 60’s.

I have steadily built this family business over many years on integrity, quality, honesty, reliability and a large part of my business is derived from referrals from satisfied and long standing clients.

Yes, we do answer our phone and messages.
Yes, we do confirm appointments before arriving at your premises.
Yes. We do arrive on time for inspections and quotes.
Yes, we will deliver quotes in a timely manner.
Yes, if you accept our quote we will turn up on time and do the job.

If any of the services I offer are of interest to you, please give me a call, we will have a chat and I will do all I can to assist you with your requirements.


Thank you for your time and interest
Phillip Melville- Owner operator


Preparing your home for sale
Our speciality

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